London - United Kingdom

October 27TH - November 5TH, 2017

Bournemouth at Tottenham Hotspur
Champions League match (TBD)
Liverpool at
Tottenham Hotspur  or  Brighton & Hove Albion at West Ham United
Lower Division match (TBD)

Long weekend trips (October 27th to 30th or November 3rd to 6th) are also available

  • Ticket to English Premier League soccer match*
  • Ticket to Champions League Match (TBD)
  • Ticket to an English lower division match (TBD)
  • 9 Nights 4-star hotel stay
  • Behind-the-scenes stadium tour
  • Transportation between the airport, hotel, and stadium for game day and tours
  • Tour of London
  • Travel insurance

*Ticket category will depend on availability at time of booking