The 2016 Brazilian League Comes to a Close

The 2016 Brazilian league will always be remembered by the tragedy involving the Chapecoense team. They managed to finish 11th even without playing the final match (a win would have given them the 8th place).

Some highlights:

  1. Palmeiras wins the league for the first time since 1994 and with 9 titles they are the team with most Brazilian leagues (even though they won it twice in 1967 as there were 2 tournaments that year).
  2. The 2015 champions Corinthians lost 18 players, the head coach (Tite, who is now the Brazilian National Team coach and has the impressive record of 6 wins in 6 matches) and numerous staff members in the beginning of the 2016 season. Halfway through the league they managed to stay in 2nd place, but during the second half they found themselves in free fall and ended up in 7th place. Missing the chance to play the 2017 Libertadores by 2 points. 
  3. Brazilian giant Internacional had a disastrous season and could not avoid relegation for the first time in their history.

The 2016 Brazilian League did not show great football. Even the champions Palmeiras weren't a team you'd make an effort to watch and admire. With the exception of Gabriel Jesus who is now moving to Manchester City, there were no great break out players.

Let's hope for a more exciting and disaster free 2017!

 Final standings of the 2016 Brazilian League.

Final standings of the 2016 Brazilian League.